Future of Christianity

Where Is The Future of Christianity?

Future of Christianity

What is the future of Christianity? Where in the world is the future of Christianity?

The Rise of China is emboldening the Chinese Communist Party to tighten its grip on the Three Self Church and re-intensify its persecution of the Underground Church as it strives to gain control of Christianity in China.

The spread of Islam and Sharia law are accelerating globally as Taqiyya and fear of the "Islamophobia" label are exploited to silence questions about the "Religion of Peace" and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as Naskh, Tahrif, Halal sacrifices to the moon god, Allah and myriad errors in the Quran.

In North Korea, the world's top Christian-persecuting nation, Juche religion continues to parade as a political ideology while Christians continue to perish in horrific prison camps.

Frontline missionary and missions organizations, as well as all other Christians must adapt faster to the changing spiritual landscape without compromising true Gospel.

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