Future of Christianity

Complex Future of Christianity

Future of Christianity

Future of Christianity
Where is the future of Christianity headed? Where in the world is the future of Christianity?

Analyzed and presented are China, North Korea and Islam, which respectively represent the top recent, present and future persecutors of Christians.

The rise of China is emboldening the Chinese Communist Party to alter its tactics of persecuting Christians. Both the Three Self church and the underground church in China are changing, and we now know how many Christians in China need an accurate Chinese Bible.

In North Korea, today's top persecutor of Christians, the Satanic Juche religion continues to parade as a political ideology while Christians continue to perish in horrific prison camps.

The spread of Islam, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, is advancing Sharia law in the West, which continues to hope Islam will become a religion of peace and remain oblivious to the errors in Quran, naskh, tahrif and halal meat sacrifices to the moon god, Allah.

Christians must share the true gospel when witnessing to Muslims and help them compare Jesus vs. Muhammad. Aspiring missionaries should revisit how to become a missionary and frontline missions and Bible organizations must adapt faster to the changing spiritual landscape.

Rise of China Sharia Law