Christianity and Islam

Evidences, Similarities and Differences

Christianity And Islam

Christianity and Islam

Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world, with Islam's 1.9 billion adherents projected to surpass the number of Christians between 2050 and 2070, largely driven by the Muslims' higher birth rate, currently at 2.9 per woman.

Muslims say Islam and Christianity worship the same God. Christians say Allah of Islam is not the God of Christianity and ascribe divinity to Jesus, who Muslims claim was just a prophet, like Muhammad, who Christians claim was a false prophet.

Who is right?

Presented are the comparisons of Bible vs. Quran and Jesus vs. Muhammad, as well as the truth about Prophet Isa, Muslim Messiah, Quran, the practices of Taqiyya and Halal, and the link between Hijab and Taharrush.

Also discussed is the Spread of Islam and Sharia law, including in America and Europe, and Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the Palestinian Issue and "Islamophobia" about the "Religion of Peace."