Rise of China

Rapid Rise of China

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Rise of China

Rise of ChinaWhat is driving the rise of China? How long can China continue to rise, and what obstacles threaten the rise of China?

The speed of China's rise has been blistering. From 2009 to 2011, China rose past Germany and Japan to become the world's second largest economy, or has it?

The 2011 US and Chinese gross domestic product (GDP) were $15.1 trillion and $7.0 trillion, respectively.

But these figures do not take into consideration the significantly lower price of goods and services in China. When that is taken into consideration, the purchasing power parity (PPP) GDP narrows to $14.5 trillion for USA and $10.1 trillion for China.

When the fact that 30-40% of the economic activity in China is underground and unreported to the government is also taken into consideration, China's economy already may have risen to match or even surpass the US economy in size.

The rise of China has the potential to continue for three reasons.

First, while Europe drowns in debt and America strains under the weight of its $15 trillion debt, now at 100% of its GDP, China is debt-free and the world's largest creditor nation, with $3.2 trillion in foreign currency reserves to invest.

Second, China has the experience and the will to become a dominant superpower. While the West sees China as a backward third world nation on the rise, China sees itself as the historically dominant power in Asia, if not the world, that is stirring from a relatively short 400-year nap to reclaim its rightful position atop the world.

Third, China is a nation that is becoming increasing Christian. In the history of the world, every nation that turned toward God was blessed by God. Confronting its future of however, is an existential threat.

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