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Sharia Law in Canada

Sharia law in CanadaSharia law is advancing in Canada at national, provincial and local levels.

The provincial governments of Canada for years have tacitly recognized Sharia law for Canada's Muslim minority by sending multiple welfare checks to polygamous Muslim men who raise multiple families in Canada.

In 2003, Muslims in Ontario attempted to make the provincial government set aside its laws and have only the Sharia law apply to Muslims. After a fierce debate, the Premier of Ontario eventually stepped in and pushed back against Sharia, at least for then.

Efforts by Canadian Muslims to push for Sharia law at the municipal level have met more immediate success. Above is the scene at Valley Park Middle School, a public school in Toronto, Ontario in 2008 - a decade after Mark Harding took a stand against it.

Instead of just a classroom, a cafeteria becomes a mosque on Friday afternoons so that Muslim students can listen to an imam from a nearby mosque and pray towards Mecca. In the photo, the boys are praying in front of the girls, who are praying in front of the menstruating girls, who are forbidden to pray. The same scene is repeated at public schools across Canada today and many of their cafeterias only serve Halal food that have been sacrificed to Allah, the moon god.

By contrast, public schools in Canada provide neither facilities for the Christian students to gather and worship nor kosher food for the Jewish students.

Also since 2008, the municipal government of Edmonton in the province of Alberta has been denying men access to its swimming pools during certain hours of the week after Muslim women demanded opportunities to swim without men around, in accordance with the Shariah law.

In 2011, the municipal government of Huntingdon in the province of Quebec built a mosque, a Halal slaughterhouse and offered a 1-year property tax moratorium to attract Muslim residents.

In a 2011 survey, 62% of the Muslims in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, expressed a desire to live under some form of Sharia law. The percentage is high, especially given the respondents' option to engage in Taqiyya.

Justin Trudeau MuslimIn 2015, the pro-Muslim Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister and sharply increased the number of Muslim refugees to be accepted as immigrants.

At an press conference on August 26, 2016, Trudeau expressed his desire to identify himself with Islam, which he declared more peaceful than Christianity (see Religion of Peace):

"After meeting thousands of new Syrian refugees, listening to their stories and learning more about the Muslim faith, I have learned to love Islam and the people of Islam. Islam promotes peace, not violence and is in fact more peaceful than Christianity. I feel like this is the religion I belong with and I should identify as."

In 2017, Trudeau appointed Ahmed Hussen, a Muslim, as his Minister of Immigration. Over the next 18 years, Canada's Muslim population is projected to more than triple.

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